No Trolley. No Scooter. No Caddy. Simply izecc.

Experience Next Level Golf


Made in Germany

72 Hole

Maximum Reach

20 km/h

Maximum Speed

What makes the izecc different from other golf mobility solutions such as trolleys, scooters, caddies or golf carts?

The izecc combines the advantages of these mobility solutions: the handiness and manoeuvrability of a trolley and the speed and comfort of a scooter, caddy or golf cart. Because there is no product like the izecc, we like to call it an "innovative electric golf trolley" – even though the izecc not only carries your golf bag, but also you can get on and drive.


For a relaxed 'tee to tee' experience:

  • controlled by remote or gas handle
  • walk relaxed alongside
  • 6km/h


For a casual Sunday match or a dynamic golf duel after work:

  • get on and go
  • high safety standards
  • up to 20km/h


For comfortable and quick transport after the golf game:

  • fold in a few simple steps
  • easy to store in the boot
  • folded dimensions: 90 x 55 x 38 cm
We izecc.

A little round of golf after work?

izecc puts speed into your next golf game, so you can still pursue your favorite hobby even with a busy schedule.

Product Details


Three Modes (Walk, Ride, Travel)


17,5 Ah | 30 km Reach


25 kg


6 km/h | 9 km/h | 20 km/h


2 Years